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The Sound.

I feel that sound…the sound that keeps playing in the background of this song.  

And no matter how you speak out against it, no matter how you try to drown it out, you can’t break through that sound.  You can’t break through the silence the noise creates.  That sound is always there.  It’s a sound of repetition, of simultaneous, pulsating pain and numbness.  Even when you think it’s gone.  It’s always there.  And it doesn’t leave.  

You wish that sound wouldn’t haunt you, that it would just dissipate into nothingness.  You wish you would feel whole without it.  But you are also afraid.  The feeling it creates is at least familiar.  How can you leave it?  What would happen?

And you think that there’s a chance that you can be helped out by something that can break that noise and replace it with a sense of completion.

But there you are.  Left with that noise.  And that force that could possibly help you…falls apart at your touch.

O Superman.  O Judge.  O Mom.  O Dad.

They can’t do anything for you.

There’s only that sound.

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